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Discussion of eggdrop bots, shell accounts and tcl scripts.
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How to: eggdrop on multiple networks at once using psybnc

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:11 pm    Post subject: How to: eggdrop on multiple networks at once using psybnc Reply with quote

This is a tutorial to make eggdrop run on multiple networks simultaneously.

This works on versions 2.3.2-7 and 2.3.2-9 and possibly others with slight mods.
This will assume you have some knowledge of psyBNC and eggdrop.
e.g. you have compiled and run them before.

Let's have some fun with the psybnc config.h file.

make sure that #define NETWORK and #define PROXYS is in config.h.
If your config.h already has these defines and is compiled, skip this part.
--------------- BEGIN FILE --------------

* Configuration file for psyBNC, created by menuconf
/* Encryption */
#define CRYPT
/* Encryption Type*/
#define BLOWFISH
/* Allow Translation */
/* Allow internal network */
#define INTNET
/* Allow traffic logging */
/* Allow linkage of bouncers */
#define LINKAGE
/* Allow the dcc File-Functions */
#define DCCFILES
/* Pipe dcc Chats */
#define DCCCHAT
/* Allow to add more users */
/* Number of max. Users */
#define MAXUSER 50
/* Number of max. Connections per User */
#define MAXCONN 99
/* Use blocking DNS */
#define BLOCKDNS
/* Fixes the freeze bug */
/* The logging level */
#define LOGLEVEL 0
/* SSL-Security */
#define SSLSEC 2

/* Allow multiple irc connections per user */
#define NETWORK
/* Allow Proxy Support */
#define PROXYS

--------------- END FILE --------------

Now go ahead and make, and make install

set your listen port in psybnc.conf

If your psybnc is new, create a user with the bot's name on your irc client and logon.
psybnc will make it owner.
If your psbnc already has users, add a user with the bot's name.
In either event it wil give the new user(bot) a random password, change it to whatever you like.
Connect your eggdrop to psybnc by editing the servers stanza in your eggdrop.conf

set servers {

At this point people add servers in psybnc and are done.
But wait, there's more!
We will double and triple the offer, for free!!

There is this fun command called ADDNETWORK, let's have a look at bhelp addnetwork.
<-psyBNC> Help for: ADDNETWORK
<-psyBNC> ---------------
<-psyBNC> This functionality allows you to use multiple connections to different
<-psyBNC> ircnetworks to the single connection you are keeping to the bouncer.
<-psyBNC> So it is possibly for you to get a client in your favourite network also
<-psyBNC> to secondary networks you also are on.
<-psyBNC> Example:
<-psyBNC> Would add a new network token named Ef to your userspecifications.
<-psyBNC> For any added network, you can use the functions seperately, for example:
<-psyBNC> would add a server for your newly added network token. The bouncer would open
<-psyBNC> a second outgoing connection and relay it to your single client connection
<-psyBNC> by prefixing Users and channels with the network token. Channel #sausage
<-psyBNC> would be on that network #Ef'#sausage. Nicks also get prefixed, so the
<-psyBNC> User johndoe on EfNet would appear as Ef'johndoe.
<-psyBNC> Every command can be prefixed with the network token and would then be
<-psyBNC> executed for your networked client.
<-psyBNC> See also: DELNETWORK
<-psyBNC> BHELP - End of help

What's important here is that eggdrop will not join channels that you set in psybnc, but it will join the networks.
So, you have to do .+chan #ef'#mychan in the bot

If you want a third or fourth etc. network(s), just keep adding them with their respective prefixes.
e.g. addnetwork fn, addnetwork dn, etc.

SWITCHNETWORK is best avoided as it will confuse the bot.
So pick a base network that needs no prefix, then add the other networks with prefixes.

More perks to using psybnc with eggdrop is that you can also use the PROXY and BVHOST commands.
For example if too many people from your shell host are connecting to a network, you can use
one of your shell's vhosts easily.
If you have working proxies you can use those too.
proxy ef'
proxy dn'

bvhost ef'
bvhost dn'

JUMP also works the same way.
jump ef'
jump dn'

So that's the general idea.
Using psybnc with eggdrop can be a lot of fun and more flexible.

This should be enough to get you running on multiple networks but you may have to experiment a bit with settings.
It's the same concept as connecting eggdrop to psybnc on only one network, but expanded to use the addnetwork function in psybnc.
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